Best Buy Now Pay Later Laptops No Credit Checks

Who doesn’t like buying things they don’t have to pay for immediately? This is what credit cards are for essentially. What if we say there are buy now pay later programs where you can buy your favorite electronics without paying the full price directly? And the best part is that there will be no credit checks before you can buy the products.

These types of payment programs mimic how car loans and home loans are given by financial institutions. If you wanted to buy a car or a house, and you had to pay the full amount at once to purchase a car, then not many people could afford to own a car. However, with loan schemes, you get to spread out the price in smaller installments, making it easier for people to pay back.

However, these loans require a credit check, and therefore someone with bad credit will not be given a loan. But the buy now pay later program usually does not check for credit history and therefore is the perfect chance to buy goods.

All these special benefits sound like this is the best deal you can have. But is it worth it? Here is everything you need to know about the Buy Now Pay Later laptops no credit checks programs.

What is a Buy Now Pay Later program?

A Buy now, pay later program, also known as BNPL, is a payment facility where financers provide an opportunity to buy products, such as electronics, in installments. In this type of trade, you choose what you would like to buy from a store, and if the store offers a BNPL program, then you will be able to receive and use the product without having to pay full price instantly.

This type of facility provides customers the flexibility to afford many products, like smartphones and laptops, and pay in small amounts, or installments.

Currently, there are many buy not pay later laptop sites and stores that offer this method of purchase, even for shoppers who have bad credits. You can walk up to a store, like Walmart, and choose an item they like, and walk out with their newly bought product without paying the full price at once.

Some places or sites also allow the rent-to-own option. Here people can choose to rent a phone and use it as their own for a certain period of time, and pay a specific fee every month. For instance, Flexshoppers and offer rent-to-own options on laptops and smartphones.

How does buy now pay later work?

BNPL programs have an easy application process. In order to qualify, you have to be at least 18 years old and have a social security number and a monthly income to show that you can pay the debt. Even though most BNPL-providing companies do not do credit checks, some shops may still be willing to have your credit history checked before they qualify you for a purchase.

After you have qualified and set up an account with the seller, you can pay a deposit and own the product. The rest of the payment will be divided into installments, where you can decide the frequency and the amount you want to pay for each installment.

Buy not pay later laptops no credit check programs are suited most for students who need laptops for their studies and do not have the means to pay the full price at once. With the no credit check option, students have the opportunity to buy a laptop even if they have a bad credit history.

How is higher purchase different than renting?

You can either choose to rent the laptop or buy it using a higher purchase. The difference is that when you rent, you do not own the laptop itself, instead, you are renting it from the seller and using it while you pay monthly fees. You can return the laptop to the shop if you think it is not working well, and terminate the agreement.

In the higher purchase option, you pay a deposit and you are the owner of the laptop. You have to pay installments every week or month, depending on what you and the seller have decided upon. You cannot return the product since you own it and must complete your payments.

If you pay more deposit, then your remaining payment becomes less, and thus you have to pay less amount in installments. There are also 0% interest schemes in stores like Walmart, where you can buy a laptop, pay monthly with no credit checks.

5 best options for buy now pay later no credit checks programs

5 Best Buy Now Pay Later Laptops No Credit Checks

Interest-free financing is an excellent way to boost product sales. Many companies are offering zero interest in electronic products such as laptops.

Note that not all companies are interest-free. There are some that provide BNPL programs but you have to pay interest according to the length of your installments, etc. 

Here are the best companies that are currently offering buy now pay later laptops no credit checks programs that are easy to apply. It is always advisable to read the agreement and understand the payment method before you agree to any deals.

1) Amazon

Amazon is the biggest online store where you can find literally anything. From electronics to kitchenware, to clothing, Amazon has thousands of products to offer. The best part is that Amazon provides BNPL options on certain products, such as gadgets and electronics if you purchase over a certain limit of price.

Amazon’s buy now pay later programs offers:

  • Electronics such as laptops with no interest fee if you pay within 12 months
  • No credit history checks
  • Monthly installment plans of up to 12 months

Amazon has partnered with Affirm, a financial company, to offer its latest BNPL program in the United States. It allows Amazon users to buy certain Amazon products from their online store, and pay them off in installments. You can get a BNPL loan on products over $50 and you have to pay them in five monthly installments.

To qualify for an Amazon BNPL program, you need to:

  • A US citizen of 18 years of age
  • Be an active Amazon account member
  • Having an Amazon account for more than a year
  • Link your credit or debit card to your Amazon account
  • Register for an Amazon store card

Amazon has also introduced an Amazon store card which is a credit card that you can use to purchase goods from Amazon. Amazon has a 12-month financing option where you can buy electronics such as laptops and tablets over $599 or more with their store card and enjoy a 12-month installment period with no interest. This buy now pay later laptops with no credit checks is an excellent way to purchase laptops for students without having to have to pay full in cash.

2) Best buy

Best buy is another prominent online retail store that provides thousands of products to its customer. In the United States, Best buy has partnered with Citi bank to bring their own Best Buy Visa card.

Using this card, you can enjoy their promotional offers on deferred interest financing programs. What this financing option means is that it is a buy now pay later laptops no credit checks program, where you can buy laptops, and pay monthly without any interest on the payments.

Best Buy offers flexible payments whereupon you can make payments or installments monthly, or weekly. However, to avail of the interest-free option, you have to complete paying the full price of the product within the given period of time.

For example, if you have bought a laptop for $1500, then you have to make sure you finish paying the $1500 within 12 or 24 months, by making monthly payments to Best Buy. if you are unable to finish paying within 24 months, then there will be an APC interest charge on the amount every month.

You can also use Zip as a payment method to buy products from Best Buy in installments. There is a 25% deposit when you buy a product, and you can get an interest-free loan if you pay off your debt within 6 weeks. 

3) Zebit

Zebit is another online marketplace that has now entered the buy now pay later race. You can buy hundreds of products from Zebit, on credit without needing a credit card.

The Zebit buy now pay later laptops no credit checks program offers its customers the freedom to buy laptops or any electronics from their marketplace without paying the full price at check out. You can buy a laptop, even if you have bad credit as Zebit does not do any credit checks.

You can buy any product and use it immediately, while you pay in installments over the next six months. You need to finish making the full payment in six months if you don’t want to pay any additional interest on your loan.

The application process is simple. You need to fill up their registration form online.

To qualify for a Zebit BNPL plan, you need to:

  • Be a US citizen of at least 18 years old
  • Have a social security number
  • Show income from an employment
  • Or be a disabled or retired person who receives monthly benefits

Note that Zebit does not do a credit score check, but they take information from credit reporting agencies to determine your worthiness to pay back the loan. Therefore, their credit inquiry will not affect your credit scores. So if you are a student who wants to buy a laptop using BNPL, then you can easily register through Zebit’s online forum to get a credit of up to $2500.

However, you need to make a down payment when you purchase the product from Zebit. The down payment may be 20-30% of the price, and afterward, they will give you a contract that states the amount and duration of the installments. Zebit offers six-month installment plans without any interest. You need to make the initial payment using a credit or debit card.

4) Flexshoppers

Flexshopper is a lease-to-own company that helps shoppers with bad credit to buy all kinds of products. You can get a buy now pay later laptops no credit checks program using Flexshopper.

From furniture to electronics, you can lease anything from Flexshoppers using a weekly payment schedule. 

Since they are offering a lease-to-own service, this means that you can rent the product from them on a weekly payment basis for 52 weeks. After the end of the lease you can choose to either return back the product in good condition, or you can buy the product by paying a small amount of extra money.

However, you cannot return the good before the initial lease period, which can be from 7-29 days. Afterward, you can lease the product for 52 weeks, or make an early purchase by paying the rest of the amount early.

Unlike the other companies, this is a leasing program so it gives you the freedom to return back the goods if you don’t enjoy using them. 

The eligibility criteria are the same as the ones listed above, but in addition, Flexshoppers require you to have a checking account with good standing.

5) Luthersales

Luthersales is a renowned company that has been selling high-quality electronics, furniture, etc for more than fifty years. They have a great selection of laptops to choose from, with competitive pricing and free home delivery.

You can enjoy the buy now pay let laptops no credit checks program from Luthersales, even if you have a bad credit score. All you need to do is be a legal US citizen of 18 years of age with an SSN, and have a job for at least three months.

You can shop from Luthersales using their BNPL program, and make installments for up to 36 months, with 0% interest.

Bottom Line

Buy now pay later laptops no credit checks program is the best way to finance your laptop purchase, mostly if you have a bad credit score, or you don’t want to pay full price at once. You can take advantage of the interest-free offers from all the stores mentioned above, and many others as a lot of retailers, both online and in-store are now offering the BNPL program.

However, be careful as not all stores offer 0% interest financing, and you are not guaranteed a loan even after you have applied for it. Make sure you make a purchase that you can pay back in monthly payments, so you don’t break the contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use a credit card to pay for a deposit and installments. You can also use debit and prepaid cards.

Yes, even though there are buy now pay later programs from many stores that do not check your credit score.