Boost Mobile Free Government Phones-How to Get?

Boost mobile free government phones have incredibly stable network coverage and superb customer care service. Besides, this is one of the most reliable and reputable virtual networks that operate in the United States. In addition, as a customer, you can get various incredible deals. Moreover, isn’t it amazing that you will get low-cost plans with this network?

And non-contract phones from popular companies. However, apart from these advantages, if you are qualified, you may get the chance to get discounted or free phones.

Are you interested to know more? Well then, let’s dive into the discussion.

Is it Possible To get free phones with Boost mobile’s  Lifeline program?

If you consider getting free phones with Boost Mobile’s lifeline program, you must qualify through your income and participation in the Federal Assistance program. Your family income should be less than 135% of the Federal Poverty line if you want to meet the criteria through income.

But, let me mention that you won’t lose all the chances if you are not qualified due to your income. There is a chance you might be eligible if you or your family member attends any public assistance program, like:

  • Medicaid: This joint state and federal program provides health insurance to qualified low-income residents of the USA).
  • CalWORKs ( California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids): CalWORKs gives job training, child care, education, and counseling to eligible families and pregnant women, plus ensures temporary financial support.
  • WIC (Women, infants, and children program): WIC program supports families by giving breastfeeding support, nutrition knowledge, good quality foods, health care, and other services to the community.
  • SNAP (The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program): Through this program, low-income families get benefits via an Electronic Benefits Transfer Card. This program is considered the most extensive nutrition assistance program.
  • LIHEAP ( The Low Income Home Energy Assitance Program): It assists families with limited income in paying their heating bills in cash.
  • NSLP (The National School Lunch Program): This is a meal program that is assisted by the federal, and it operates in non-profit, public, and residential child care institutions.
  • TANF (Temporary Assistance for needy Families): This program is formed to support disadvantaged families to improve their financial condition.
  • Federal public housing assistance (section 8): This is the Federal Government’s housing assistance program for low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled. In addition, participating people will get an opportunity to select housing and vouchers to support rental costs. But, the chosen housing should meet the requirement of the program.
  • FDPIR (The Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations): This program ensures USDA food for Native Americans or persons living on an Indian reservation.1
  • VA survivors Pension: It offers payments (monthly) to eligible unmarried children of Wartime Veterans and surviving spouses. But, they must fulfill certain net worth limits and income which Congress sets. 

What type of documents are required to apply for Boost Free Government Phone?

Now, it’s time to discuss the documents necessary to apply for the Boost Free Government Phone. So, here is the list:

  • Identity: To prove your identity, you will need your birth certificate, residential address, driver’s license, ID ( issued by Government), state ID card, or passport.
  • Income statement: Now, you have to get the statement of your current income, or if you are unemployed, then you need to have a compensation statement of benefits. The State/ Federal return of the last year to demonstrate your annual report. However, you can also show social security statement of benefits.2
  • Lastly, you will need a Tribal head start approval letter or program participation proof ( SSI cover letter) and a federal Public housing assistance statement of benefits.

process to apply for Boost Mobile Free Government Phone:

Boost Mobile Free Government Phones

Firstly, you have to check whether you are qualified for a lifeline. If you qualify for the lifeline and are a California resident, you are eligible, and you can sign up for the lifeline.

However, you must write an application through the Federal Communication Commission program to sign up. After successfully signing up for lifeline, you must select boost mobile as your desired service provider.

Afterward, communicate with boost mobile for guidance about the “how to apply for free government phone” process through the California Lifeline discount. Remember that you must have the necessary documents to prove your eligibility.

When the boost mobile authenticates your qualification, they will provide an application form and an identification number.

You must fill out the application form carefully and attach the qualification documents. Then, submit the documents, and if they approve, you will get a California lifeline discount through the boost mobile. However, you will get the opportunity to apply online also.

Types of Available Boost Mobile Free Government Phones

You will get the best opportunity to choose your desired mobile as Boost mobile offers various brand models in their online deals. So, let’s check out the types of phones (with discount range) under the Boost mobile offers:

Apple iPhone Models:

  • iPhone 8 Renewed ( $150 off)
  • Apple iPhone 11 ( Up to $300 off)
  • Apple iPhone SE 2nd Generation ( Up to $350 off)
  • Apple iPhone SE ( Up to $50 off)
  • Apple iPhone 13 ( $100 off)
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max ( Up to $100 off)
  • Apple iPhone 12 ( Up to $200 off)
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro ( up to $100 off)
  • Apple iPhone 13 mini ( Up to $100 off)
  • Apple iPhone XR Renewed ( $100 off)
  • Apple iPhone 12 mini ( Up to $100 off)
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro ( Up to $100 off)
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro ( Up to $100 off)
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max ( Up to $150 off)
  • Apple iPhone Xs ( $200 off)

Samsung Mobile models:

  • Samsung Galaxy A03s ( $70 off)
  • Samsung Galaxy A13 5G ( $180 off)
  • Samsung S21 FE 5G ($300 off)
  • Samusung Z Flip3 5G ($400 off)
  • Samsung Z Fold 3 5G ( $700 off)
  • Samsung A53 5G ($300 off)
  • Samsung A32 5G ( $130 off)
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 ( Up to $300 off)
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra ( Up to $400 off)
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+ ( Up to $400 off)
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G ( $300 off)
  • Galaxy S10 Renewed ( $200 off)

Motorola & other Mobile models: 

  • Motorola g status 5G ( $120 off)
  • Motorola g pure ( $70 off)
  • Motorola moto g power ($90 off)
  • Motorola moto g 5G ( $10 off)
  • TCL 30 XE 5G ($80 off)
  • TCL 20 XE ( $70 off)
  • TCL Flip ($30 off)
  • Caler0 5G ($200 off)

As mentioned above, there is no shipping cost with these phones, and you can keep your previous number; plus, you will get a 7-day Guarantee with all of them. So, within 7 days, you can return or replace the mobile from the authorized store. But, these mobiles don’t come with service contracts.

Are there other features I will get from the Boost Mobile Lifeline program?

Yes, when you are selected for the Boost Mobile lifeline program, you will be provided with some impressive benefits like:

  • You will get a monthly discount on phone bills ( $9.25)
  • If you are a resident of any tribal land, you will get a monthly discount ( Up to $34.25)
  • Budget-friendly plans
  • You will get limitless text services and talk under the Boost mobile plan
  • Super Speed ( 5G network)
  • Worldwide service.

Will I get a free Tablet or discount through Boost Mobile Offer?

Boost Mobile isn’t providing discounts or free tablets under the affordable connectivity program ( ACP). Still, the program may provide a monthly subsidy on the Boost Mobile tablet plan.

Does Boost Mobile provide free internet for users?

Every qualified customer will get free internet service through the affordable connectivity program. Actually, Boost Mobile internet access is not totally free as per they mentioned. However, you will get 30 dollar discount on your bills.

In addition, if you apply for the affordable connectivity program ( ACP) discount to Boost mobile 5GB plan ( $25/month) and mix-match 2GB plan ($15/month), you will have the benefit of these free deals.

But, remember that if you desire free internet service, your income should be under 200% of the Federal Poverty direction, or you must attend any government assistance program.

Free phone plans by Boost Mobile:

Generally, Boost provides discounted offers on their prepaid phone plans in the California Lifeline Program. However, let’s check out the boost mobile prepaid plans:

  • $50/Month plan: By purchasing this plan, you will get limitless text, talk, and data. Besides, it offers a 12GB hotspot and provides HD video streaming and Tidal for months. However, you can purchase max. 5 lines which will cost you only $170/month.
  • $60/Month plan: With this plan, you will also get unlimited data, text, and talk. In addition, this plan includes Tidal for six months and a 30GB hotspot. Purchasing 2 lines will cost $100, and 5 lines for $220/month.
  • Limited offer plan: Boost mobile offers a limited offer plan for families. Under this plan ( $120/month), you will get 30 GB hotspot, boundless HD streaming, and 4 lines.

As I mentioned above, the plans include fees and taxes on the pricing. But, don’t worry, you won’t have to pay extra taxes and fees ever.

In which areas will I get Boost Mobile Free Government Phone services?

Boost mobile free government services are currently available only for California residents. Still, you can get the plan all over the USA. In addition, they provide network coverage across the country under the Sprint network towers.3


Boost Mobile is an excellent network, and if you are searching for seamless and best services in the communication industry, you should join this network. Again, this network provides an exciting discounts on smartphones ( Android/iOS) and other incredible deals.

So, getting started with Boost mobile free government phone would be an intelligent decision, and you can visit a Boost Mobile store around you. Thanks for reading, and don’t hesitate to ask questions or give an opinion in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Boost Mobile connectivity program is available for existing and new customers. If you are already a Boost mobile customer or thinking about getting a connection, you must apply for the ACP ( Affordable Connectivity Program) subsidy with the Boost Mobile service. Then, you have to call the ACP support center or use the ACP site.

Afterward, your qualification for ACP will be determined. Boost mobile won’t apply for the ACP benefit unless they approve your stuff. Another side, if you are a new customer, you can buy a new phone or bring your eligible device to get an affordable connectivity program enrollment.

No, it’s not mandatory to change your previous mobile number. Fortunately, the Boost Mobile network allows you to have your old number, but you must follow some processes. First, you must give your existing phone number, account number, and account pin code. Afterward, submit a port request with Boost to transfer your previous number. However, if you go to the Boost mobile store, you can quickly get this job done. But remember, you shouldn’t cancel the remaining service until the transfer or post is completed. Otherwise, you may lose your existing mobile number.

There could be many reasons behind losing ACP benefit from Boost mobile; like- as the customer doesn’t use the plan for a month, becomes incompetent for the ACP, provided name in the application doesn’t match with the Boost mobile account, and lastly, if any user has applied for ACP with another participating provider. So, you have to be careful about it.

If you are facing trouble while filling up the Boost Mobile ACP enrollment form, I suggest you go to the local Boost mobile store and get help from the representatives, as they are experts and know all the details.

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