Free Phone When You Switch to Boost Mobile 2024

Most of the time, it’s hard to choose the best family-friendly cell phone, especially if you have to think about your budget and mobile plan. However, the chance to get a free phone is a great bonus. Yet, getting free mobile phones is hard.

One of the country’s most popular and trustworthy virtual phone businesses is Boost Mobile. And like any other business, boost mobile has put money into deals that try to get customers to migrate from other wireless carriers. And as part of the deal, they will give you a free phone.

Here is a full guide to the free phones you get when you switch to Boost Mobile.

Boost Mobile Plans and Discounts

Besides free and cheap phones, Boost Mobile has great plans for a lower price. When switching to Boost Mobile, you can save money on phones from different brands and models.

1) Boost Mobile $5 Per Month Deal

To win your business, Boost offers some tempting plan deals right now. In particular, the $5/month plan stands out as an attractive price level.

For a one-time payment of $15, new clients can try the service for three months. After your trial, you’ll be charged the standard monthly rate of $15; however, you’re under no obligation to keep your membership after you’ve enjoyed the advantages of the trial period’s price reduction. You are saving 66% off the regular price.

Even though the plan is cheap, it gives you unlimited calls and texts and 5GB of 4G or 5G data.

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2) $400 off the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus and Ultra

Boost Mobile is an excellent option for those who want to save money on the latest Samsung Galaxy S22 range without making a trade-in or signing a lengthy contract with a carrier. The MVNO already has three of Samsung’s newest flagship phones, and you can save up to $400.

How much you save will depend on which model you choose. The basic Galaxy S22 is now only $499.99 (a $300 discount), the S22 Plus is only $100 more at $599.99 (a $400 discount), and the Galaxy S22 Ultra is indeed a third off retail at $799.99 (a $400 discount).

You don’t have to sign a service contract for these deals, so even though the phones aren’t fully unlocked, you’re not tied to Boost Mobile. If you do decide to sign up for one of the cheap prepaid plans, the carrier will let you keep your old number.

3) Save $300 on the Samsung Galaxy S21

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is one of the best deals on phones from Boost Mobile. It usually costs $800, but Boost is selling it for just $499.99 ($300 less). It’s not often that a 2021 flagship smartphone with 5G is so cheap, so you should check it out.

ACCORDING TO ANDROID AUTHORITY, the S21 series was the ideal Samsung phone you could buy at the time. The S21 came out with Android 11, yet Samsung will give the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra three major Android OS updates. The company also says all devices will get security updates for the next four years.

This deal might not last long, so use the widget below to get the Galaxy S21 5G for 38% less.

4) Boost Mobile Android phone deals

There are some great instant deals on mobile phones at Boost Mobile, particularly on Android phones. Many items are on sale, but the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip 3 are $400 off.

There are more Android phones to consider if the ones listed above don’t fit your needs. If you click on the button below, you can see the full list of items for sale.

5) Boost Mobile offers discounts on Apple products

If you prefer iOS over Android, Boost Mobile offers you even more deals. A few iPhone ranges can be yours for at least $100 off, including $250 off the iPhone SE.

Some of these options may be out of stock, depending on when you check them out. If they are, contact your nearest Boost Mobile store to see if they have the device in-store. If you want to check out more Apple devices, click the below button.

6) Get free access to the internet

Boost is providing free internet to eligible consumers as part of a federal government program run by the FCC as a temporary reaction and relief effort in the wake of the Coronavirus.

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How Do I Switch To Boost Mobile To Get A Free Phone?

Before we talk about free phone deals when you switch to boost mobile, you should know how to turn to boost services. Luckily, changing to a boost phone is easy and smooth. How to do it:

Step 1: Check eligibility

Boost Mobile allows you to bring your current phone with you or purchase a new one when you transfer. But most people would rather bring their phones. But the phone should boost mobile can work with. You can check to see if your phone works with boost mobile. Go to, type in your device ID, and click “continue” to do this.

Step 2: Get a SIM card

You can secure a free SIM card to use with the Boost mobile network if you bring your phone. After purchasing a new Boost Mobile handset, you may pick up a SIM kit from the Boost Mobile web shop or a Walmart.

Step 3: Choose a plan

Once you have a SIM card, put it on your mobile and choose a plan. As was said above, boost mobile has many plans. Choose the best one for you.

Step 4: Turn on your phone.

To use your new phone with boost mobile, you only need to purchase a SIM kit. Do you want to use the new SIM in a brand-new device or in an existing one? Both have been taken care of for you. To get started:

  1. First, visit
  2. Then choose “Signing up as a new customer.”
  3. Next, choose “Use my own device with Boost Mobile SIM.”
  4. Select “activate new device” instead if you’re using a brand-new device.
  5. Then, click “new number.”
  6. Note that you can also bring your old number with you to boost your mobile. Choose “port existing number” here.
  7. If you choose a new number, you’ll need to enter your phone’s MEID or IMEI number, then your new SIM number, to turn on your phone.
  8. If you choose “port an existing number,” type in the number and ZIP code and then follow the on-screen instructions.

What Are Boost Mobile Free Phones When I Switch 2024?

The Boost Mobile stores often have limited free phones available for customers who switch to their service in-store. The free phone plans change quite often, and this month there are several good ones.

If you follow the steps above and switch to boost mobile, users will probably get a free cell phone as a welcome bonus. This offer does change over time, that much is true. Here are the free phones you can get when you switch to Boost Mobile.

1) Motorola Moto G power

You can get this phone for free if you switch from another carrier to boost mobile. The offer could change anytime, but it will likely last until June 1, 2023. The offer is limited to one device per line, and you can only get it if you move a line to any able-to-qualify plan and turn it on.

2) Samsung A32 5G

The above deal is for new customers who switch their service to Boost. They can keep their current phone number and port it to their new Samsung A32 5G for free. But, prepaid carriers like Boost think that if you keep your old number and switch to their service, you will likely stick with them. The Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, which usually costs $279.99, will come out one of these months. You get it for free when you switch and take advantage of the huge savings.

3) iPhone SE

There are other options, like the iPhone SE, that you can purchase for free in the store and save $399.99 on. When you switch to Boost & activate a new phone on their Unlimited Plus plan, they’ll throw you a free iPhone SE as a welcome gift. This offer is valid in-store only, so if you want a new iPhone, you’d better hurry.

Offer for Boost Mobile New Customers

When you activate your phone with Boost, you can get plans for less than $10 per month, starting with 1GB of data and unlimited talk and text. You may also obtain a free SIM card when you register for a mobile contract at Boost Mobile or bring your own mobile phone. Plans start at just $15 a month and include unlimited texting, calling, and 2GB of 4G/5G data.

Is Taking the Free Cell Phone Worth It? 

If you want the newest phone but don’t have the money to buy it outright, you can sign up with Boost in return for the phone.

And yet bear in mind that perhaps the newest and best models aren’t always free, although if you register for a dedication that earns you a bill of credit. If you’re not careful, you might have to give up both the performance of the mobile and the ability to choose your own service provider.

If you don’t mind using a phone that’s a few generations old, you ought to be able to find one so cheaply that you probably won’t feel the need to stick with one service provider.

Final Words

If you want to buy a new phone, wait a little bit. Your upcoming cell phone could be worthless if you switch to the Boost offer and get a free phone. Switching to a new carrier is now simple thanks to Boost Mobile. Also, when you switch, you get great deals. This company offers a number of offers for new customers, like cheap plans and free cell phones from Boost Mobile when they switch.

However, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get your favorite phone from the free Boost phones they offer. If you switch to Boost, this article should help you get a free phone.

FAQs About Boost Mobile Deals When You Switch

Yes. You should switch to Boost mobile. As you can see on this page, this same company has good customer retention, reliable coverage, and cheap phones, but also plans for brand-new customers. The company also has great deals for people who have already bought from them. Because of this, it’s worth it.

There is no clear answer here. This is because the free phone deals from boost mobile change over time. So, we don’t know if boost mobile will ever bring back the free iPhone offer for new customers. But you don’t get a free iPhone when you switch to boost mobile.

Yes. Boost Mobile has an option called “Bring Your Own Phone.” Before you use their SIM card in your phone, you should make absolutely sure that the phone works with their services.

Yes. Boost Mobile’s SIM card is physically compatible with all other SIM-card-enabled mobile devices. You must use a SIM card adaptor of the right size to do this. But just because you put a SIM card in a phone doesn’t mean you can use it with Boost Mobile services. You need to do a compatibility check to see if that part works. This is easy to do, which is good news.